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This page provides users with detailed information on the cookies we use and/or we propose when browsing our website
Together with our Informativa Privacy, this Cookie Policy completes all required information on the processing of personal data as per the GDPR and the provisions of the Italian Data Protection Authority, especially n.229 of May 8th, 2014 and n 231 of June 10th, 2021.
Our Cookie Policy, in fact, has the objective of describing all items as required by the law, the characteristics and purposes of the cookies installed by our website ,as well as to provide users with the ability to modify cookie settings directly on their browsers.

Cookies installed on this website

This website makes exclusive use of technical cookies, and does not use analytics nor marketing cookies as stated in our Privacy Policy.Therefore, as indicated by the Italian Data Protection Authority in its Provision n.231 of June 10, 2021, paragraph 7.1, the Data Controller is not mandated to insert a cookie banner to manage consent.

What are cookies

Cookies are small text lines contained in small-scale files that visited websites send to users’ devices. Such small files are recorded on the users device for a determined period of time and are sent back to the originating website when the users visits the website again. Cookies can be deposited directly by the originating website being visited by the user (first party website) or by another website (third party website), as the visited website may contain elements (images, maps, sounds, links to other webpages of different domains) which might reside or lead the user to visit links on different servers other than the one hosting the first party website. Through the cookies users can customize their browsing experience by saving their preferred settings. As an example, it is possible to set a cookie for the recognition of a user registered on the website so that the user does not require a new authentication once browsing back on said website.
Cookies are classified as:
Technical cookies: are those necessary cookies that give the user the possibility to fully exploit all the functionalities of the website or to provide users with a specific service, such as those cookies that recognize the language used by the user or those cookies facilitating purchases online. Technical cookies can be “session cookies”, that is temporary, as they are cancelled automatically at the end of the browsing session; or “persistent cookies” that are archived in the user’s terminal for a predetermined duration, decided by the website manager. These cookies are defined as essential for the browsing, therefore, once relevant information is provided, they need no consent from the user.
Analytics cookies:are those cookies installed for statistical purposes, they help us identify the number of users and elaborate statistics on activities and use of the services offered. We analyze how web paged are browsed to improve our product and service offer: First-party analytics cookies which are directly installed by the visited website are compared to technical cookies and do not need prior user consent. As opposed to third party analytics cookies that require user’s explicit consent. This website does not use analytics cookies..
Profiling cookies: these are the cookies used for marketing purposes such as following the users browsing on the internet and create profile on tastes, habits, choices etc. Through these cookies, advertising messages in line with the users’ preferences already expressed through the online browsing, can be sent directly to the user. The use of these cookies requires the user’s explicit consent. This website does not use profiling nor marketing cookies.

How to disable or eliminate cookies directly from your browser

You can authorize, block or remove cookies installed on your device through the configuration options provided by your browser. Please consider that when you disable or cancel some cookies you might not be able to access some areas of the website or use some of the services offered.

For more information on how to manage your cookies please refer to the instructions provided by your browser.

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Updated 24 February, 2022