What is the method relation by design

We have chosen to adopt the working method of artisans taking care in person of the result of their profession from the choice of the raw material to working tools, from creation to daily operability, from setup of one’s space to the personal relation with customers.

We have created original processes and working tools, to facilitate the acquisition of solutions and techniques proposed, so to allow who chooses to be soon autonomous and independent in scalability of the intervention carried out.

We have realized exercises and experiential products of our own invention to increase the impact of training paths and empowerment of people efficacy. Through practical experiences, we activate transformative resources.

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The game of social skills

At the core the Social skills as resources of conscious cooperation of the individual.
The goal is to know, manage, adopt these skills in order to improve personal and professional performance.
The tool that we use in facilitation and experimentation is Filrouge, our proprietary method developed by us of Game Design, which through the interaction, narration, game allows to train social skills of connection and cooperation.


Our working method is that of the artisans: we personally take care of the results of our activities, from raw materials to tools, from the idea to its realization.


It is now the time to employ a “green” and low-environmental-impact culture also in the management of relation processes within organizations: for healthier and more sustainable companies, services and people.


The individual, as well as the company, is for us a dynamic ecosystem to be observed all-round, put in motion by three different drives: grow, know, connect.